Sibu's Wildcrafted Sea Buckthorn Now Featured In Buchi Avonlea

We knew good things were coming after meeting Sibu Beauty last year at a natural products expo. We both make premium superfoods and share a like-minded ethos around sustainability, but beyond that we also use our company platforms to promote the humanitarian efforts we’re most passionate about.

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The Intention Behind Buchi Sovereign: Food Sovereignty!

Did you know that every time you drink a bottle of Buchi Sovereign, you're supporting the critical work of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund? FTCLDF (for short) is a grassroots social profit protecting our food sovereignty by defending the legal rights of small farmers. Artisan food producers who make raw foods like Buchi are at risk every day of being shut down or stifled by regulators who don't understand kombucha or the benefit of consuming living foods.

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Buchi Now Available in All Mid Atlantic Whole Foods

BIG news -- Buchi just appeared in the kombucha coolers of ALL 42 Mid Atlantic Whole Foods Markets! This includes all of their stores in VA, MD, DC, PA, NJ, OH, and KY!

They're starting with 5 flavors: Fire, Water, Seed, Avonlea & Sovereign. We'll be up there for most of April to help get things going, but it's a huge area and we can't do it alone, so we need your help! If you know anyone who drinks kombucha (or should) in any of those states, please let them know about us and suggest a flavor for them to try.

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We Embodied The Elements -- Now It's Time To Speak Our Intentions

Launching January 2014: The Intentional Series

Our Intentional Line builds upon the completion of our Elemental Series -- declaring our communities' shared values in order to manifest them into reality. The intentions will be cast with a simple, direct and powerful word on the front billboard of the label, cumulatively crafting a narrative which illuminates the ethos behind Buchi as well as donating 5 cents from each bottle sold to the social profits (nonprofits) we partner with to empower our ideals.

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