Cold Pressed Ginger, Local Peaches & Sorghum Molasses

Raw Kombucha, Organic Apple Juice, Organic Local* Peach Juice, Organic Freshly Juiced Local* Ginger, Organic Mango, Local Sorghum Molasses, Organic Vanilla Extract and Organic Natural Flavors.
*Local When Available

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Our Intentional Line is a series of flavors designed to speak our shared values into reality by raising awareness and donating 5 cents from each bottle sold to a "social profit" (aka nonprofit) partner.

Buchi Sovereign speaks to our inalienable human right to harvest, save seed, sell, share or trade food in order to cultivate community resilience through individual empowerment. This flavor features ingredients from farms and artisan producers in our own Katuah bioregion -- peaches from Georgia and South Carolina and North Carolina sorghum molasses. Food sovereignty starts at home with our ability to feed ourselves and our neighbors. To learn more about the intention behind Buchi Sovereign, read below to learn more about our social profit partner, The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

Medicinal Herbs and Roots:

Organic Fresh Pressed Ginger

Flavor Series: 

  • Intentional Series