Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

The FTCLDF protects the rights of farmers and consumers to engage in direct commerce; it protects the rights of farmers to sell the products of the farm and the rights of consumers to access the foods of their choice from the source of their choice. FTCLDF is a grassroots organization and considered a "social welfare" organization.

Our food sovereignty is at risk! Tragically, many "food safety" laws meant to reign in large industrial food operations often unnecessarily cripple the small farmer, hindering them from feeding their neighbors and shuttering family farms by the thousands. When small farmers, cheese-makers and others were raided, fined or regulated out of business, a vocal and vibrant national "food rights community" came together to provide essential legal resources so that they could navigate the regulations. They pooled their money to create the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

As a result of this grassroots organizing, the FTCLDF now defends the rights of sustainable family farms and artisan food producers to make their products available to consumers in a manner that protects, preserves and enhances the environment and its natural resources, products that include but are not limited to meat and meat products, poultry, eggs, raw milk and raw milk products, fruits and vegetables, lacto-fermented foods and beverages, prepared foods, and bread and other baked goods directly to consumers without a license or permit.