Avonlea Education Fund

"We started the Avonlea Learning Community as a non-profit school to provide holistic community-centered education for our kids."

Over the past eight years, our kids have grown alongside Buchi, sprung branches and have outgrown our primary education school. We were unable to keep up with the demands and expand the curriculum in time for our kids' who are now budding young adults. As they are entering into middle schools and beyond, we believe the best way to continue to live our intention is to support those new "Avonlea-like Schools," wherever they may be east of the Mississippi River. We have reallocated funding for the 2016 School Year to the Woodson Branch Nature School in Madison, NC.  

Woodson Branch provides an innovative and seamless early childhood education and beyond; utilizing a whole-person approach in the Appalachian mountains of Western North Carolina. Nurturing the whole person by cultivating the ART of living through experiential learning modalities that promote an ethic of personal, social, and environmental stewardship is their mission. We think it's pretty great! We can't wait for what the future holds for this school and many other learning communities yet to be discovered.

In case you were wondering, why Avonlea?
The name Avonlea has a couple meanings that speaks to our philosophy.The first definition of Avonlea is a return to childlike wonder, simple beauty, noble purity, and compassion for the least. Our school honored, protected, and cultivated these qualities in its students. Avon is an old Celtic word meaning river, and lea means a clearing, pasture or meadow.  Our schoolhouse was located in a quiet field next to a healthy, meandering stream.  Inspired by the book Anne of Green Gables and by our setting, a community full of farm animals, wild animals, protected forest, and people who have chosen a way of living entwined with nature, we couldn't resist.