Avonlea Learning Community is a progressive, Montessori influenced, non-profit school based on an 180 acre farm and forest conservation land.  

The name Avonlea has a couple meanings that speak to our philosophy.The first definition of Avonlea is a return to childlike wonder, simple beauty, noble purity, and compassion for the least. Our school honors, protects, and cultivates these qualities in our students. Avon is an old Celtic word meaning river, and lea means a clearing, pasture or meadow.  Our schoolhouse is located in a quiet field next to a healthy, meandering stream. Avonlea is also the small, rural, close-knit community where Anne lives in "Anne of Green Gables." Both in the book and at our school, we are inspired by our setting, a community full of farm animals, wild animals, protected forest, and people who have chosen a way of living entwined with nature.

Our school is in a charming old house, providing the perfect environment so that our learning space feels like home.  We value keeping our school family small so that every student receives ample care from our teacher. How we communicate and the strength of our relationships with one another and nature are the core on which we build academic skills.  Holding a nurturing and healthy school home where students, teachers, families, animals,and plants are listened to, supported, and cared for is our mission.  To learn more about the school, check out their website.