Kombucha's origin has been lost in the mists of time, but it likely originated in ancient China and  spread to Russia and Japan. Many folk tales indicate the Kombucha brewing process was held in secrecy by women who passed the recipes and techniques down to their daughters.

In one story, the women of a village would brew tea for their families and neighbors. Every day, they would tend the hearth, create loving meals, raise children and harvest food. Being a woman was hard work in this village. But, unlike the men, they were not allowed to drink ale and socialize.

One day, the men left the village for many moons on a wild hunt. While their husbands were gone, the women partied, drank strong ale and danced every night. However, in their excitement, the women left the tea untended, and it fermented.

When the men returned from the hunt, they were very thirsty. But, the women did not have time to brew new tea. So the men grabbed their clay goblets, as they normally did after a long a hunt, filled them with the fermented tea and toasted to their success. The women hoped that their husbands would not notice the strong smell and sharp taste, but of course, they did. However, to the women's surprise, the men loved it, and showered their wives with fur pelts, precious stones and sweet embraces.

Like many myths and stories which make up human history, who knows if it's true? We don't, but we do know Kombucha tastes amazing!