American Elderberry, Blueberry, Schizandra & Coconut Water

*Raw kombucha, *apple juice, *coconut water, *elderberry juice, local elderberry juice, natural watermelon juice, *American grown schizandra berry juice, *blueberry juice and natural color from edible flowers

* Certified Organic

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Cool and effortless, Buchi Water is part of our Elemental Series -- flavors crafted to embody the elements of nature. We mix our kombucha with coconut water, blueberry, watermelon and two revered medicinal berries, elderberry and schizandra, bridging Eastern and Western folk traditions. The element of water is the universal essence, and the endless stream of experience. May this blend put you back in the flow of life.

Medicinal Herbs: 
Local Elderberry Juice - In Local Partnership with Norm's Farms 
American Grown Schizandra
Coconut Water

Flavor Series: 

  • Elemental Series