Roasted Roots, Holy Basil, Maple Syrup & Root Beer Spices

*Raw kombucha, *apple juice, *dandelion root, *burdock root, *chicory root, *roasted barley, *malt extract, *holy basil, *stinging nettle, *rhodiola rosea, *spices, *maple syrup, *molasses and *natural flavors

* Certified Organic

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Rich and grounded, Buchi Earth is part of our Elemental Series -- flavors crafted to embody the elements of nature. We roast the roots of chicory, dandelion and burdock before adding traditional root beer spices like sarsaparilla and molasses to bring forth deep, earthy undertones. The brew is then infused with two anti-stress adaptogens, holy basil and rhodiola, resulting in a grounding Appalachian root tonic. The element of earth is the strength from which all life grows, and the stillness it returns to. May this blend bring you back to center.

Medicinal Herbs and Roots (Sourced From Mountain Rose Herbs):
Burdock Root 
Dandelion Root 
Chicory Root 
Holy Basil
Rhodiola Rosea
Stinging Nettle

All Roots and Herbs Sustainably Sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs

Flavor Series: 

  • Elemental Series