Carmine Giardini was born in the town of Vittorito, Italy in the province of Abbruzzi. He spent his early childhood there going to school and helping out with the family farm. As a young man, Carmine came to the United States and completed his schooling here.

Mr. Giardini began as a butcher in Connecticut and relocated to South Florida where he opened his meat market in Pembroke Pines, Florida in 1972. It originated as a one stop shop for meats but quickly became the inspiration and framework behind what is now a full scale specialty market.He realized that customers wanted more than a one-stop shop for meats; they craved a full scale specialty market with quality offerings of bakery goods, fresh seafood, deli items, and authentic pizza. So that’s what he did. He wanted to offer top quality meats, poultry and deli meats (he actually cooked the roast beef in his home before he could afford to buy a stove for his butcher shop). He figured he had all the deli meats, why not make subs? His market soon became the place to go for lunch! That gave him the inspiration to take it one step farther. He hired a chef and started a prepared food department offering Italian and gourmet fully cooked foods from Chicken and Veal dishes, to his Momma’s recipe lasagna and meatballs, and so much more. His idea was such a huge success he decided to open a larger location in Fort Lauderdale which was his 1stfull scale gourmet market!Carmine added a fresh seafood department with fresh fish, cooked shrimp and Live Maine lobsters, fresh produce, pastries and baked goods, imported Italian and fresh cheeses, wines and a gourmet grocery department; he even had a salad bar!

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  • Bottles

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  • Market
33410 West Palm Beach, FL
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