Buchi is our version of kombucha, a probiotic rich beverage communities have shared for thousands of years. Buchi begins as an organic black tea which we sweeten with organic evaporated cane juice. Once sweetened, we add our living kombucha culture and open air ferment the brew for up to 10 weeks in small, hand-tended batches.

It is often called a "SCOBY" which stands for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeasts. Like Amish friendship bread, the kombucha culture, also known as the Mother SCOBY, has been passed down from generation to generation, often a treasured family heirloom.

While we bottle our kombucha in amber “beer” bottles to protect the probiotics from over-exposure to light and use a fermentation process similar to beer or sparkling wine, the commonalities end there.  Kombucha fermentation is a complex process resulting in a brew with only a trace amount of alcohol, below 0.5% (similar to unpasteurized fruit juice or apple cider compared to the 3.0%-8.0% found in typical beers.) While kombucha fermentation uses some of the same yeasts, the additional microbes convert the alcohol into more complex and beneficial organic acids.

Although the primary ingredients are tea and sugar, the living kombucha culture transforms these basic building blocks into more complex beneficial compounds noted above. As far as the residual caffeine and sugar content, here is how we stack up:

Beverage Caffeine per 12oz Serving Sugar per 12 oz Serving
Buchi Kombucha 12 mg 16 g
Coffee 100-150 mg varies
Colas 36 mg 39 g
Apple Juice none 39 g
Energy Drinks 100-500 mg 46 g


Some people think the living kombucha culture looks like a mushroom, which is probably why it has been called "mushroom tea." However the culture is not a mushroom, but a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast.)

We believe food should be as local as is practically possible and therefore we don't ship direct to customers. Kombucha is heavy, and shipping it requires a lot of energy. If you are located outside the southeast region, please let us (and our retailers) know where you'd like to be able to find Buchi by emailing us. If we are not local to you, we are still excited to share our brew with you. Since we are a part of a growing community of craft brewers we also love it when you support your local kombucha brewer too! 

Well you can if you really want to, we gently shake it from time to time, but it's carbonated and you might get it all over yourself. Buchi is much more useful as a drink than a body lotion (though it can be used as a shampoo or facial mask!)

The active cultures in kombucha are light sensitive.  Amber beer bottles block the UV light generated by sunlight and fluorescent lights in the store to protect the beneficial microbes. Plus, in the right environment it contributes to a load of laughs. Have you ever seen an adult watch a kid drink Buchi? It's hillarious!

Pasteurization is the heating of foods to kill microbes and bacteria.  Most beers are pasteurized and some kombucha brands are too making them easier and cheaper to transport, store, and regulate consistency.  Though it would make our lives much simpler, much of kombucha’s benefit is derived from the living enzymes and probiotics, so we go out of our way to protect those little guys.

At room temperature the fermentation process will continue to change the taste and increase the carbonation.  In the refrigerator the kombucha culture goes dormant and your kombucha will continue to taste the way we intended it to.

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