We're so excited to share our Featured Retailer for September and shine a spotlight on our good friends at Dandelion Communitea.  They've been been holding major transformational space in Orlando, FL for years, and a handful of us at Buchi used lived in Orlando and bought a lot of food and kombucha from them.  We've grown in very similar ways, and are so vibing with these beautiful people right now, and are so glad to be a part of their growing communitea.  Here's a tiny taste of their social ethos and flavor:

The cafe is Certified Green by Co-op America and features water catchment, a medicinal demonstration garden, American Clay interior walls, and on-site composting bins. During the full & new moon a large drum circle forms in the garden. Our kinda people!!

Read some of their answers to the following questions and you'll know exactly why we are so in love with this community!

The Promotion:

During the month of September, get $1 off any bottle of Buchi.  

Asked and Answered:

Why did you start Dandelion Communitea?

Dandelion answered a longing in our heart for being immersed as wayshowers in this transformational shift taking place around the globe. Margret Wheatley says:" Whatever the problem, community is the answer." When we embody the change that wants to emerge, we influence the entire world in growing waves of empowerment.

What sets you apart from other Orlando cafes?

Dandy holds space for folks to authentically engage. It's quite literally where people fall in love, get engaged and even get hitched! We are woven deeply into the fabric of community so we are truly that Third Place where people come to steep in the atmosphere that we co-create with our patrons. From twice monthly Drum Circles in rhythm with the moon to the best organic food and tea to be had anywhere, we welcome the diversity that Orlando has to offer and set the tone for connecting and enjoying one another.

What is your vision for the future of Dandelion?

We want to integrate permaculture principals into the very way we do business, and share this knowledge through installations on the property. We also want to grow social entrepreneur's in our community by sharing with our staff the business of doing business progressively, following an intuitive financial permaculture approach.

Why are you excited to go to work in the morning? What drives the vision forward?

The exponential growth or our local & independent creative community who all gather at our place. The amazingly talented and real people that work here and encourage and inspire one another to go after our hearts true desire. The impact we have with our purchasing dollars to invest into localized and organic mission based offerings by other revolutionaries like us who feed their families while using business as a platform for doing good. The ability to change the course of history by luring people into a regenerative future with delicious food and unforgettable experiences.

What excites you about partnering with Buchi?

Finally, an East Coast craft beverage that heralds the return of yestermorrow. We get to upgrade our kombucha offering with real magic and infuse our community with a truly integral offering that is crafted by folks who know how to flow and have fun. The elements are already catching hold of our community.