We Embodied The Elements -- Now It's Time To Speak Our Intentions

Launching January 2014: The Intentional Series

Our Intentional Line builds upon the completion of our Elemental Series -- declaring our communities' shared values in order to manifest them into reality. The intentions will be cast with a simple, direct and powerful word on the front billboard of the label, cumulatively crafting a narrative which illuminates the ethos behind Buchi as well as donating 5 cents from each bottle sold to the social profits (nonprofits) we partner with to empower our ideals.

The First Three Flavors:

Buchi Sovereign

Flavor: Fresh Pressed Organic Ginger Juice, Organic Peach Juice, Local Sorghum Molasses.  All ingredients locally sourced from the Katuah bio region when in season.  

IntentionRe-evolve our food sovereignty in the Katuah bio region and beyond by empowering decentralized, nutrient dense food production/farming to secure and preserve local food systems.

Partnered Social Profit: Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

Buchi Avonlea

Flavor: Organic Orange Juice, Organic Mango Purée*, Organic Passionfruit* and Wildcrafted Sea Buckthorne from Sibu.  

Intention: Empower the future generation by nurturing children and young adults into whole thinking individuals - purposeful, mindful and connected to what is alive and meaningful to them.

Partnered Social Profit: Avonlea Learning Community

Buchi Seed

Flavor: Raw kombucha infused with fresh pressed turmeric juice, organic pineapple juice, organic coconut water, vanilla bean and 3 medicinal seed extracts - PumpkinPerilla and Black Sesame.  

Intention: Food security starts with the right to sow true seed and harvest non gmo food. Buchi Seed grows the groundswell around saving and sharing non gmo, heirloom, and open pollinated seeds native to our North American bioregions. 111

Partnered Social Profit: Groundswell International 

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