There's A Secret Behind Our Brand

When we started Buchi almost 6 years ago, our intention was simple -- to bottle and share a healthy probiotic beverage with our friends and neighbors.  Over the past 5 years, however, we've expanded from the Asheville farmer's market to working with over 500 retailers in 15 states.  The growth of our company is a reflection of the growth of the individuals and community coming together around building this brand. With the tool of commerce, we've constructed a platform, and from it have glimpsed beyond the ceiling of what we had one thought possible for our lives.  Through Buchi, we are discovering our potential is not only to make something healthy for a lot of people, but to create what we wish this world had more of -- community.   We've engaged our imaginations and poured our ideals and intentions into our kombucha, and the people we meet are resonating and responding.  While many who have experienced Buchi have sensed its magick, few have been able to put their finger on what its source is. While we love a little mystery, we think it's time to share the our secret of our brand:

Our kombucha is more than a drink -- it is an intentionally crafted tool.  A symbiotic community of bacteria and yeast we brew in our bottles to cultivate community in our human culture and manifest our passions into the world.

Through Buchi, we're scripting a new narrative for how capitalism can be reborn with an ethos where the creation and exchange of goods between communities is an extenstion of our individual purpose and engagement with each other. Part of this narrative was rebranding kombucha from a health food beverage you can only find in natural food stores to what is was historically, a social beverage.  It's why we use long neck amber bottles like a craft beer, and do most of our marketing at music festivals and community events.  Even the flavors themselves tell a story, embodying the elements of nature and speaking our intentions on the billboard of our bottles to spread awareness and raise funds for the social profit (aka nonprofit) organizations we believe in.  The result is something which transcends a tasty drink to become a social beverage nurturing and enriching places where community is blooming and cultural creatives are congregating.

While a progressive subsection of culture has existed in every generation, something has changed. Our potential capacity for collaboration is now increasing by quantum leaps as technology creates instant and infinite access to information and raises empathy and awareness through connectivity. We are a part of this rapid evolution of human potential, and truly believe in our collective ability to heal the world and ourselves (as much as these two constructs can be pried apart.)

We've met many of you through music and transformational festivals, Ted Talks and social profit enterprises in your community. We hope if you've connected with us in person you felt the spark of something genuine in us which let you know that by supporting Buchi, you're manifesting your own values -- empowering us as a conduit for your ability to impact the world.

While we've grown a lot in the past 5 years, this is only the beginning.  Our mission is to travel for as far as the vision.  If you're picking up what we're throwing down, please share this post to help spread our story. We know we're only a small corner of the transformation happening in the world right now, but with enough support from our community, even a small idea can make a big impact. 

With Gratitude,

The Buchi Tribe

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