Buchi Launches Avonlea, an Integrated Learning Community

Parents of Asheville --

We have some exciting news! Our tribe is co-creating a progressive new school called Avonlea Learning Community here on the farm where we live and brew!

We've been homeschooling our kids here for years, but our children are growing up just as fast as our company is -- and the vision for our school has evolved to reflect this.

With the same intention which we use to craft Buchi, we are bringing together an integrated and holistic learning community which is our re-imagining of what education and socialization can look like. A core piece of the curriculum is nature connection learning with our next door neighbor Clint who runs the Forest Floor Wilderness Programs. The students will also grow food and care for animals in order to supply and run a community CSA.

Check out their new website to learn more, and if what you reads sounds like a school you'd want for your child, shoot us an email at avonleainfo@gmail.com

We still have two open spots left for this school year, so please share this around to anyone you think might be interested.

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