Buchi Blooms into Transformational Festivals

We've started gaining some serious momentum, not just in natural food stores, but in the social landscape where real cultural progress is being made. This is the where the true heart of Buchi beats.  

Our goal has never been to just bottle and sell a beverage.  Our intention from the beginning has been for our kombucha (brewed by facilitating a "symbiotic community") to be a conduit for social change and the platform from which we, the tribe behind Buchi can put our shared values into the world.  These values range from reintroducing raw, nutritionally dense foods into the standard american diet, to fighting for GMO-free seeds and food sovereignty and reimagining how we educate and socialize our children.  These are all aspects of our greater vision-- to help shift our society forward into a new paradigm of sustainable, community building commerce.  

Just as we are growing as a business, we are evolving as individuals - finding social movements which articulate our deep shared belief that despite the war, famine and poverty in our world, the seed of something indomitable and ancient is stirring in our core. It is growing into new forms of art, archeticture, expression and collaboration which are reawakening us to what it means to be human.  A critical mass is being reached, and this movement can no longer stay underground.  In other words...

It's Time For Us to Bloom

Since human beings have gathered in community, we've shared music, dancing and ritual. It's more than recreation, it's catharthis.  We've all glimpsed these transcendental experiences at some point, but as we've allowed ourselves to be reclassified from human beings to consumers, our society has reshaped to encourage us to find fulfillment by spending money instead of connecting with each other through art and expression.

In response, a resurgence of human gatherings called "transformational festivals" have taken root around the world.  Transformational festivals are "immersive environments of exploration...containers for the peak experiences of connection, very often catalyzing powerful healing processes with lasting and positive life changing effects."  They are a grassroots renaissance showing what reality could look like in a climate conducive to compassion, vulnerability and radical self expression.  Though these festivals are just moments in our lives, these moments can be powerful enough to create life-changing experiences for the hundreds of thousands of people around the world who have experienced them.  

Transformational Festivals Deserve A Transformational Beverage

We believe in this movement, and to reflect this value you'll soon see Buchi sponsoring and holding space at more and more of these transformational festivals.  We started last year with Rootwire in Ohio, and are continuing this year with Appalachia's first transformational festival: Gratifly Music and Arts Festival in Avalon, South Carolina July 24th-27th.  Click the image to learn more about Gratifly or click here to learn about other transformational festivals happening around the world.  


What Happens When The Festival Ends?

The bummer about mountain top events where we experience the world as we wish it was is that they invariably end.  These festivals are so imporatant because they give us the inspiration and vision to see what we are working towards...but after they end it can be hard to return home and reintegrate into mainstream culture.  If our vision is to be fully realized, it's critical we take what we've learned and carry it forward to recreate in our every day lives.  There are three social profit organizations we work with who are serving as bridge builders to keep this energy and vision alive, not just during the festival but long after it ends.  We strongly recommend you check and support their work.   

Tribal Council 

Tribal Council is a collective of passionate beings who gather regularly to co-create intentional spaces and facilitate integrative conscious experiences through sacred celebration. We seek to reintegrate the ancient ways into the modern age by regrowing tribal culture and village communities.

Tribal Council realizes that a major growth edge of festival culture is figuring out how to ground our celebratory culture into real models of tribal living and seeding land-based eco-communities. Understanding that permaculture is the key to making festival culture ecological, socially, and economically sustainable, Tribal Council is currently focusing on creating replicable, regenerative business models for shifting temporary villages (festivals and gatherings) into permanent land based villages that incorporate elements of eco-education centers and event spaces.

The Bloom Series

The Bloom is a series of webisodes created by a collective of artists who have traveled the world capturing glimpses into these dreamlike gatherings.  Using stunning media they are the first storytellers weaving together the narrative around this cultural phenomenon. Watch this short video to get a better idea of their work.    


Co-luminate is a vibrant and innovative community, co-working, and event space. It’s a place for people to gather – to connect, to create, to work, to learn, to grow, to celebrate. Our purpose is to amplify the good works, creative talents, and beautiful hearts of the inspired folks in the Asheville area – in service to the greater good of the whole.

Plug Us In!

If you are involved in the world of transformational festivals and have any recommendations for which festivals we should attend, please email us at: info@drinkbuchi.com





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