A New Appalachian Holiday Tradition Takes Root

Our Handcrafted Holiday Brew Is Here...But Only For A Season

As early nightfall encroaches and the evenings compel us inside with chill, we've crafted a solstice brew to celebrate the abundance and relaxation winter brings. Warming, wholesome & perfect for bringing to parties and (un)holy nights, our holiday blend will lift (and mix with) your spirits.  We combined our raw kombucha with local apple cider from Hickory Nut Gap, cinnamon, clove and vanilla for a festive and delicious flavor that has already become many peoples new favorite.   Just listen to this: 

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The Sleep On Your Floor Kombucha Tour

Each week this Fall we'll travel to a different region of the South East in our big white van (affectionately dubbed Chewy) bringing huge coolers packed full of kombucha and the fiery passion of our convictions. We'll do demos, open new accounts, check in with existing ones and build relationships in the communities we're sold in. To keep our costs low we'll eat nothing but peanut butter (this isn't true) and drink nothing but kombucha (this is pretty close to true.) Oh yea, and we're arranging all of our travel plans through couchsurfing.org. It's a bit less comfortable, but so much more fun!

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Buchi Partners With Norm's Farms To Source American Grown Elderberries

"Your Mother Was A Hamster and Your Buchi Smells of Elderberries!"  If Monty Python and the Holy Grail is the only thing you know about Elderberries, get ready to be schooled by mother nature.  Elderberries, or "The Elder of the Herbs" as the Native Americans called them have been used by both Native Americans and European cultures for centuries...

We picked this incredible antiviral superberry to use in Buchi Water (which blends our raw kombucha with organic coconut water, elderberry, schizandra berry, blueberry and watermelon.) The only issue is, most Elderberry you can source in states comes from China or Eurpose, and we weren't into that.  That's why when we found Norm's Farms, we knew we couldn't have hoped for a better partner.  Not only are they run to two incredibly sweet people from Carborro, NC, but their commitment to sustainability, naturally grown foods and their involvement in the local community (like their Elderberry Festival) made them an ideal fit.

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Buchi Partners with Moog

One secret behind the power of Buchi's branding has been positioning kombucha as a social beverage instead of a just a healthy drink.  If you're reading this, you probably already know kombucha is great for your body, but we sense the scope and application of intelligent beverages extends further than health food stores and community co-ops.

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Kombucha of the Gods! Poseidon Endorses Buchi Water.

"Buchi Water is the New Ambrosia!"

(Reposted with permission from the Tumblr of Poseidon, God of the Sea)

After eons of my brother Zeus pestering me about the health benefits of kombucha, (and me dismissing him as another homebrewing hippie) a small kombucha brewery named Buchi has come out with a brew that caught my attention...

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Tempeh-stuous Time for Smiling Hara Shows Resilience of a Local Food Community

Update: Smiling Hara has officially relaunched and is once again available at a growing number of local restaurants like Rosetta's Kitchen.  Check out their website for more information about their new and improved tempeh and make sure you come support them at their Epic Tempeh Reuben Challenge where 11 local restaurants will all submit their best tempeh reuben recipe for your culinary pleas

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Buchi Brews with Numi Tea

Two Companies Steeped in Intention. - At Buchi, every decision we make regarding the quality and sustainability of our brew is intentional.  One of the most basic tenets of our production is the use of the highest quality, most ethically traded ingredients available.  The result is a premium kombucha that adheres to our sustainability centered ethos.

In the upcoming blog posts, we'll share how we decide on the raw ingredients in our kombucha, from the organic cane sugar to the local medicinal herbs, and we'll share the conscious consensus that led us to these production decisions.  But since kombucha is a tea-based beverage...

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Buchi Partners with Gaia Herbs

Word is out about kombucha, and this ancient elixir is now enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity. In fact, kombucha is the fastest growing drink in the country right now--and for good reasons! The living probiotics, digestive enzymes, organic acids, and B vitamins found in raw kombucha are proven to be great for digestive health, immune system functionality, balancing energy levels, and aiding your body in detoxification.  

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