The Intention Behind Buchi Seed: Save GMO-Free Seeds!

Our Intentional Line builds upon the completion of our Elemental Series -- declaring our communities' shared values in order to manifest them into reality.

Each of our three new flavors, Seed, Sovereign and Avonlea annunciate a different way in which we seek to reimagine our world and drive social change.  With your help, we can get people talking about food and seed sovereignty.  We hold it is the highest potential of a business to empower individuals in the communities they serve.  We call this conscious commerce -- an ethos in which the products and services you buy reflect your values and cultivate community resilience. 

We began speaking our intentions last month with Buchi Sovereign and the importance of food sovereignty -but before we can resume growing our own food, we need access to non gmo seeds to sow.*  Enter Groundswell International, an Asheville based social profit (nonprofit) working around the world to strengthen rural communities with sustainable agriculture and seed saving programs.  When they told us they were looking for funds to "seed" a program here in Appalachia, we wanted to be a part of it.   

It's simple, every time you buy a bottle or draft of Buchi Seed (available exclusively at Whole Foods Market) -- you're donating 5 cents to Groundswell's efforts to create a living, grassroots seed bank in our community.

Plus, for a limited time you can get a FREE PACKET of organic, non gmo Basil Seeds from Sow True Seed!

Click here to claim your free seeds.

Our Intention: 

Food security starts with our right to sow true seed and harvest non gmo food. Buchi Seed will grow the groundswell around saving and sharing non gmo, heirloom and open pollinated seeds native to our North American bioregions.

*For more information on GMO's presence in our food system, read on: 

The silent takeover of GM crops, (genetically modified) which come from privately owned seeds is alarming.  GMOs are now in 80% of conventional processed food, and GMO crops account for 88% of corn, 93% of soybeans and 94% of cotton in this country.  Food is becoming a privately owned commodity, and these patented seeds have grown into a predatory vine throughout our food system.  This vine is choking out individual food sovereignty by diminishing biodiversity and forbidding farmers to save seeds to replant. Follow this vine to its roots and you'll find Monsanto and major corporate interests who are more committed to maximizing their profits than feeding people good food and maintaining the crop topsoil which sustains most life on this planet.   Monsanto has worked for at least the last 20 years to use genetically modified organisms to replace nature and eliminate billions of years of evolution, all for their greater profit and control.​ 

We barely scratched the surface, read on:
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