Buchi Now Available in All Mid Atlantic Whole Foods

BIG news -- Buchi just appeared in the kombucha coolers of ALL 42 Mid Atlantic Whole Foods Markets! This includes all of their stores in VA, MD, DC, PA, NJ, OH, and KY! They're starting with 5 flavors: Fire, Water, Seed, Avonlea & Sovereign. We'll be up there for most of April to help get things going, but it's a huge area and we can't do it alone, so we need your help! If you know anyone who drinks kombucha (or should) in any of those states, please let them know about us and suggest a flavor for them to try. So much love and gratitude to our amazing community for all of the support over the past 5 years which has allowed us to expand and share our kombucha and vision with so many people!

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