WE'RE BACK on shelves at GreenLife!!!

We made our first delivery in months to GreenLife, a Whole Foods supermarket. 

We are excited to be back on the shelves in full force.In a few weeks we hope to deliver our newly debuted flavors to GreenLife.

Go out and support GreenLife. It has been a long and hot summer and at times we know the passions rise.Thank you for speaking up and asking for Buchi to get back on the shelves.

Now, is the time to give staffers an earful of pure gratitude and thanks for getting us back on the shelves.

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Won Best Local Food/Drink Product in WNC

Recently, under the fall of night, we received an email from the Mountain Express announcing we won the Best Local Food/Drink product in WNC in the Mountain Express Best of WNC reader's poll. Well, all we can say is SWEET!. We cheered and gushed with gratitude and glee. It is such a privilege to brew and serve such a supportive community. Thanks to all of you who voted for us. We have been locked away in the brewery working hard on creating flavors and tweaking our Limited and Original brews for you. So, it was a nice surprise to get a message of affirmation that you, our community voted us #1.  

It is our hope to continue to make brews that you love and want to call your own.


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Buchi Fire and Buchi Water are debuted at LAAFF

Yesterday, our new flavors, Buchi Fire and Buchi Water were available on draft for our community to taste. Thanks to all of you who stopped by our tent in the interactive arts area. We apologize if some of you could not find us - i know many of you were looking to taste the new flavors. No worries, we will have them available at many of the festivals over the next 6-8 weeks. A big THANK YOU  goes out to all of you who purcahsed Buchi Water - the tap was slow, but you waited - so thanks!

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Buchi attracts a Kombucha Maniac; Our brewery featured on national blog

Rod Warlick, a self-proclaimed "Kombucha Maniac" reached out to us with great enthusiasm and graciously offered to write a blog about Buchi. We are so thankful to Rod for his support - view his blog-post here

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Limited Editions - Help track new batches

In order to keep the Buchi flowing, we have rushed out our Limited Edition brews. This special designation allows us to deliver seasonal brews to the region. Our current Limited Edition is a mix of organic apple juice and Buchi. Every batch we release we will blog about it so you can get the latest information first hand. We will describe each batch and the complexity of flavors that are nicely sealed under cap or tap. It is our intent to continue to refine the flavors of this brew and allow you to provide feedback. As we are a part of you, we really want our brews to reflect your taste and preferences. After tasting batch after batch, a new set of taste buds are helpful.

With each new batch, we will release our review right here!  Keep your eyes, ears and most importantly  your mouth, open.

Be Well. Drink Well.

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Kombucha temporarily off shelves at Whole Foods (Greenlife)

Beloved Community,
Whole Foods contacted Buchi along with all the other kombucha producers on their shelves across the U.S. and informed us that kombucha could not be sold in their stores until a third party certified that our products were indeed below the 0.5% alcohol limit to be labeled nonalcoholic.  We are still delivering to all other retailers as normal.
Their email indicated that they had some of the national brands tested and found that many of them had mildly elevated levels of alcohol (above 0.5%). Buchi was not one of the companies tested, as we only have ties with Whole Foods through their recent acquisition of Greenlife. Due to more demand than we can supply Buchi had already sold out its inventory at Greenlife before Whole Foods requested suppliers to hold future shipments until third party testing is completed.

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Buchi Brewery Under Construction

After almost a year of creating, testing and finally getting our precious Buchi to market, we are quietly growing fast.. so much so that's its no secret anymore. We are creating our own brewing and bottling facility in beautiful Reems Creek. This sanctuary of peace and tranquility is the perfect home for our Buchi to grow and be nourished.


Over the next 12 weeks, we are hoping to complete the renovation, move in our equipment and begin full production of our flavors. Rumor has it that we will be releasing Buchi Fire and Buchi Water this summer.

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