New Featured Retailer Program Supports Change Agents In Our Community

We're so grateful to work with some truly incredible individuals creating social change in communities across the south east and mid atlantic through small businesses.  For every small business, there's a story.  These stories need to be told -- which is why we've decided to start featuring some of our favorite independent retailers each month on our homepage.  This program is just beginning, and we'll be posting updates as it continues to evolve.  

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A Local Spin - Buchi Taps into Local Artisans

So often when we measure the success or failure of a company we look only at the bottom line. Profit is success, and breaking even or losing money is failure.  To a point, this makes sense.  A company can't be sustainable until it's financially solvent, however, there's so much more to success or failure than can be read from a single bottom line.

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Kombucha Delivered to Your Doorstep

Our goal this spring is to make Buchi more affordable and accessible than ever before.  If you've been following us, you know we've already drastically dropped our draft prices with Whole Foods making bulk Buchi growlers and bale tops the most affordable kombucha on the market at only $2.15 per 12 oz pour.

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Buchi Now Available in Ingles Markets!

Great news kombucha drinkers!  You can now find Buchi in the produce department beverage coolers of over 100 Ingles Markets around the south east!  Here are a few of the reasons we are so excited:

We Are The First Kombucha Ingles Carries.  

Ingles has committed to increasing their offering of healthy, nutritionally dense local foods.  When they decided it was time to bring in a kombucha, they decided to work with a local brand before pursuing any of the big national brands. 

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While some believe the end of the world is neigh, we've been reading our organic Numi tea leaves which suggest otherwise.  In fact, we believe the Mayans may just have built their calendar around a different event of cosmic significance, possibly something even more exciting than the completion of our elemental series.

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