Our Footprint

We believe being sustainable isn't a business tactic or marketing ploy.  Like all living things we, and the kombucha we brew are dependent upon a delicate natural balance. We actively look for ways to tip this balance to make Buchi a positive force in the world.   

Here are some of the things we are already doing to express our values, as well as some of our future plans:  

  • Our 6,800 square foot brewery is earth bermed - meaning it is built into the earth on three sides, super insulated, and energy efficient. Our walk in cooler uses a "free cool" system which utilizes cold air from outside during the winter and a ground source heat pump. 
  • The brewery is equipped with massive daylighting skylights to reduce the need for electric lighting. 
  • We compost on site and with a local forest garden and recycle everything we can.
  • About half of our team live in community on the farm where our brewery is located.  
  • We try to work with local and independent distributors.  It’s not cheaper, but it is a conscience choice to support local economies in our region.
  • Draft accounts for roughly 25% of our business, allowing us to reduce single use packaging.  We are putting a greater focus on increasing our draft accounts in 2015 and look forward to increasing that number.
  • We are developing a Bulk Pantry for our team, giving our tribe the opportunity to get quality food at wholesale pricing.  

Future Plans:

  • We are planning solar powered hot water and electric systems.
  • Our long term goal is the creation of a village based around food production (the Buchi brewery would be one of several food producers on the property) which has enough space for all of our team to live together in community if they choose.  

 As we continue to grow so will the amount of good we can do in the communities we serve.  If you have any ideas on how we can be more sustainable, please let us know at tribe@drinkbuchi.com.